European Tribalism

                There seems to be a lot of confusion with our term European Tribalism, so today I hope this writing makes our stance clear. Many will call it National socialism and by todays standard there are elements of it don’t get us wrong. But we are far from communism or any other form of SocialismContinue reading “European Tribalism”


Uruz                 A primal force would be the simplest way of a shorten definition of Uruz, this would reference back to the Bovine of creation. Known as Audhumla the bovine that fed the screamer Ymir the matter of the being that created our universe. In ancient times the Aurochs was a very feared animal andContinue reading “Uruz”

What We Do

A small Altar for a Thor’s Blot

Legal and Officiate wedding’s Naming Ritual’s as well as Blot and other spiritual needs

Holy Places

Education on various subjects of European Heathenry

Old skills taught for the Rural Heathens

Education of skill sets that many say are long forgotten

Were Local and tend to stay that way stretching nationally and international isn’t the goal.

An Organization to look into

There is never been a better time to get out and learn. The skills young men and woman need to learn to enjoy the heathen life and prosper.

  • Primitive skills
  • Blot and ritual
  • Sustainable Practice
  • A community base with our own cultural identity
  • Free events
  • No Commitment to a larger organization but a free organization to network with