Rituals and the Native Tough

Written by Heiliger Mann Bär

A dull Spanish Bolo Bayonet from the 1950s Acquired from an antique store for an unknown reason at the time.
This subject is often on that first that attracts the heathen to the path the otherworldly of the unknown, that eventually brings them back to the root. They develop their own preference and rituals so to speak, the concern of actually conducting ritual is another matter. I have been to smaller Blots and other practice where it was entirely done their ancestral tough. I have no problem with this but for group practice with guest I do recommend the common language of the land. This way the party can understand the words being said and if needed referenced later for questions. The common language of the land or in this case in Vinland English should be used when your newly formed. If your group wants to proceed in a different language, then a group study would be highly recommended.  Your personal practice I would speak in your native tough this would help your ancestors possibly understand you better.
Thus, the ritual area becomes a classroom as it always should come to be. Your politics and worldly problems should be left behind, and once the area sanctified respect and a certain manner should be enacted. You’ll develop a routine as you progress and rites of your own at certain times of the year. A good example I can give you is what I personally call the dagger ritual, a ritual used to call the God Tyr (Tiw) and Forseti for legal purposes. It obvious why it’s called the dagger ritual but instead of the hammer a large blade is used for sanctifying the area. The blade in ancient times was seen as the ultimate tool just as the profession of law giver. A tool for leisure and learning, protection and working such is the living breathing community. Last time this was done the blade was dull and has know been sharpened to a razors edge to ensure future victory. It’s traditions like these that make you and your kindred, clan, or tribe unique.
Sharpened to a polished shine after a double victory in a legal matter.

A ritual may spread far and wide but well always modified when another uses the tradition to make it their own. It is encouraged to use the idea and share them, but if you something is that sacred that you do not want to be public then don’t use it in the public eye. Remembering that using this in the public eye you share the experience with guest. As they share the experience with you. This is the case with Hamingja and the fylgja, having someone with the bad intent well show. Take care with your vetting process for bad intent is present and can affect you for a long time.

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