Thoughts on Runes

One of the most asked questions that I get would be- Is there a Rune that can help my love life? The short answer is no.

This leads to a long discussion and emphasis on why.

I could sit here and write a long five-page explanation on runes and usage but well try and summarize it and keep it simple. Today the majority of people like to be feed information so most post are noticeably short and to the point. As well as a picture and artwork to stimulate the human thought, thus releasing sorts of an instant gratification. It has become the best way to spread information via the “social network”, I say this in quotation because with the more recent crowd they have not yet learned the hard earn study reaps the most rewards.

Study is hard and so is the initiative and, in most places, extremely underappreciated with many just wanting the short answers to the question. Most writings are very cryptic and hard to understand, or very arcane to the novice if not the more initiated. Study in groups have become extremely more popular in 2020 due to the virus that seems to just keep everyone on the edge.   

The runes are not some overly glorified text to graffiti they are “One of the holy symbols past down”. My personal belief is that they are much older than previously recorded, not all civilizations wrote everything down and cataloged such. Anything found and left behind can be grossly used and interpreted even such could possibly never be fully understood.

Putting a rune to work for you in what is referred to Galdr or magic, with that said it takes the users understanding but also their own will and initiative to put forth the effort. This can mean reading and writing and meditation but making sure you understand your own thought process as well. These works take tremendous amount of time and effort, long hours put in in reading and expense. Many may not be willing to spend their time in doing something of this nature.

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