The self-initiate and today’s “shaman’s”

                In today’s word the self-initiate sometimes if not most does more harm then others, then you have the few who turn it into a business. By doing this they lose the respect for the role they wish to play, the self-learning that is highly encouraged takes a backseat. The mind numbing of the following sheep begin with the chanting of the wolves. Our practice today seems to have become something quite similar to the monolithic churches of modern times. These individuals that claim to serve the greater community have incorporated their brand of personal politics and political correctness into their works. Such is the ability of social media to hide your own branding under a mask, but when confronted in person your character and personality is typically the first judgment passed on you. This in itself isn’t a bad thing it well allow you to be gauged by people that you may potentially call friend one day.

                Don’t get me wrong if your circle has chosen you to conduct the services required that is good, but before just casting things out hastily is poor responsibility. Make sure you research what you’re doing to the hilt and if you are still stuck perhaps seek out a mentor. (metaphors ahead) But as said above don’t let that discourage you from trying, conducting Blot takes practice. It when you hit that wall and relies it you don’t stop, no you find a way to climb or in some cases you walk around. But just like walking around it takes longer, and you gain that experience of how to do something better. Sometimes you keep what is learned from the climb but other times its shorter to go up and over. (metaphors ahead)

People are a lot like a white tail deer on their travels Bedding, food, water, and every time the same trails and path of least resistance. So much so can they be predictable in the early seasons of hunting that they get bagged so to speak. Traveling the realms is no different with most people and the actual traveling doesn’t go very much further then a search engine. Which results in the instant gratification of one’s mind in the age of the screen. We have found the hard work of building your skill-set and achieving your goals with your own two hands a lot more satisfying. Even if no one thinks much of what you’re doing the sense that you create after failing multiply times is the reward. Even the God’s have proven to fail time and time again the story of Odin and Frigg raising Angar, Geirrod come to mind. – Heiliger Mann Bär

The Photo in this writing is a place I hold very dear, in 2019 I put my self out in early spring it was due or die and yes, I could chose to return to society at any time but did not until I was forced to due to injury’s

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