One winter old

As of the 18th, of January Midwinter we well be one year old, I had never know what to expect when we decided to start the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society. The hard work and watching the fruits of our labor come to pass has been exhilarating. The traffic on the website brings in the most of our views and has been thus far a great way of distributing content.

You see we were born on the principles of education and ceremonial practice, with out of the derogatory nonsense that seems to float of social media and with disinformation. Sure, well post up what we do and few pictures, well be writing articles and trying to use our presences in multiply platforms to make connections. But when it comes right down to it, the personal meeting at moots and the vetting process well be where are true power lies. What I mean by that is any of our European Folk are welcome to come hand out with us, there current is no membership program after being vetted. This is so we know who you are which in most cases seems to be an issue with most today.

FAQ: Is their membership into The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society?

There current is no membership program if a system were ever to come into place it would have to be built from the ground up. We also try and never take dues or any other thing of that nature as it has been stated by our many participants “It’s not about the Money”. Which we entirely agree.

In time we well release more structured planning later in the year, these will detail the structure and our bylaws and how we will operate for the coming future.

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