Sacred Artifacts and you

During are Yule blot the last for 2020 as we stood collected reminiscing of the few years gone by. We thought of how we started, and we could laugh, and we look at use know. The objects we have collected, the people that stand with us still and the people that have gone. Ever watchful we have become it’s been a long three and a half years with much trial.

                The items we’ve gathered have know become a sacred alter objects such as the skull upon are altar. It was taken from our first Hof and has to be at least 2 to 4 years old; the bones are yellowed and have become brittle in some spots. The drum that was hollowed out from a downed tree and a home tanned hide that stretched across. This is what makes these attached and sacred the amount of time and effort the stumbling on a tool for ritual.

 The spear a representation of Odin and one of the most common weapons of the ancient world. The drum representing the skald, the God Bragi as music drums to the should of words and the sacred Blotar. The primal essence the smell of the wood smoke and the glass jar that contains a fragment of last year’s hunter’s ritual to be used at the next. These ritual habits have become sacred overtime. What may look like common and everyday items or oddities have become tools of enlightenment. Some stay in procession of particular individual’s others are given a place among the personal Altars. Over time as some may break down, they well be repurposed and possible used in a different manner.

The sacred item must be cared for in a very lustrous way with truly little expense spared, such things may be frail or not even seen by the eyes of outsiders.

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