Spear Point Youth Program

The spring always brings opportunity for long walks, foraging and other folk activities among the forest walk today (almost 3 miles) we had found a grove of oaks and rocks of old. Our day ended with some archery practice putting back in focus the youth program and the needs it does fulfill. Our own folk the majority seem to lack this piece of mind and the phrase we need to go back comes to mind. Well, there is no going back but there is advancement, I had never understood how hard it was to leave the city until I trapped myself in one. It took me almost eight years to remove myself from the “more civilized” aspect of things, I did it in a way that caused outcry. The NOOOOO! You can’t do that was the most common phrase, but I went and did anyway. We as humans are social creatures but small groups or tribal regions suit us European folk best. Most of the Folk in the city today don’t see any reason to move into the rural country but well always push a failing unity ideology.

The Heiliger Mann and his stepson practicing with a traditional bow

No one wants to be under command of one and the few actual cases based in history may have seen a divine individual and as of today not such a person exist.  The heroes that grace Odin’s hall that is the ultimate Orlog of these men, Valhalla is a special place and not accessible to anyone. I spent my own time running jeweler escorts and VIP (bodyguard) as an armed guard but that does not mean a dam thing. (Few close calls)

The world is driven by money and seeks to snuff out the small trade and business, but we keep prevailing. One goal of the Rural Folk society is to keep this small barter and trade in our smaller communities (primarily heathen goods).

Back to the subject at hand

The walk into the forest seeing this area for the first time was not disappointing, Oak and pine, Rocks and Bog. We have our own unique connection to this land and sometimes it feels much older than history I dare to say. (I believe our ancestors graced this land long before the “Native Americans” that conquest and no quilt about it) The rock formations and the forest that covers much of it to be speculated. The marshes and bogs that may have been there after the ice age had receded; you have to think about what may have been sacred. The lake encountered could have been such at one point in unwritten history. It is quite out of the way and isolated the shore seems almost impregnable but in a few spots. Of course the modern way humans cut and travel trails in today’s world making this little gem a bit more accessible by the few who walk the trails.  

A depiction of ancient man

Many places I have been I’ve felt this connection and very few have had any recent to human habitation or trash for that matter. It these places we should hold dear for they seem untouched, but the places that are should be cleaned as always. During this pandemic last year, I had seen many place previously out of the way spoiled. People looking to escape the mass thrall of society even if it’s just temporary.

The lake that seem virtually untouched

Don’t be that asshole who leaves your trash behind

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