Our Pagan Traditionalism in the Modern World

During the last 24 hours I have watched the response that has helped us get out there in posting I’d like to say thank you Asbjorn.

So, I Figured addressing the phrase further and explain any confusion that may accrue.

By today’s standard we would be considered right but honestly the overly sicken politics and materialistic values people seem to have are what tear the soul a sunder.

We instead try and base what we see off of traditionalist paganism off of our ancestors’ moral values which well take quite amount of time of study. Heiliger Mann – Bjorn

                It is true that traditionalism is seen as a conservative value in which we won’t deny but embrace. By supporting the current state of politics have far too long kept us running into circles and preventing any positive growth from accruing. So, The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society was created as a community project and has seen considerable growth as the pandemic. It is time to flex are wings as to say plant our standard and hold our grounds, As I mention we are not Left or Right, but we are Pagan traditionalism, fledging in the world of decay.

Origins to the modern world

Definition of Traditionalism the upholding or maintenance of tradition, especially so as to resist change. The theory that all moral and religious truth comes from divine revelation passed on by tradition, human reason being incapable of attaining it.

            “A term of which embodies eternal, holy and incorruptible values” – Raido the natural order of things and how we ourselves have strayed buying into the daily grind and forgetting what is sacred. The grind in which myself I get up and go to work to pay another a toll in which I live in a building. Even more is the toll if I chose not to live along side neighbors forcing us into a meaningless work of titans. You may ask when does it end and why did it start? This has always been in motion you either support the tribe or die alone like the wolf astray. The problem has become that the tribe has become a corporation. Our ancient kin from recent studies didn’t work as much as the average person today. Leaving time for the more holy festivals to be tended to and dwelling deep into the happier times.

We try and take pride in the work we do even in times of tole that seem meaningless this in some strange way gives us meaning. I was an armed guard for VIP and precious metals and still maintain functional kit to this day. Things of that nature I can tell you are worth working for and keeping current. One never knows when they have to defend their castle. Today’s world over the top and materialistic value placed on items that break and die only to be thrown away. This keeps you working harder and forgetting about duty or the sacred. Compiling of wants to need in the younger years until you realize that life well keep moving after you have passed on.

            This alone makes keeping with times of the holy times of the year nearly impossible unless you cement your position of authority. This may never go to well to begin with in some case and you are forced to endure the cycle. This goes the same with the current politics of the era the amount of running and illusion of choice that send most Vinlanders into a frenzy every four years. Some of which well lean many to the extreme right or extreme left and eventually start eating one another. This has been proven time and time again in the current setting, the doom and gloom that follows with the anxiety of the next four years of the puppet show. What they call unity is the great divide in which passes religion and law as spirituality.

The Moral integrity decays with such passing many need to find that spiritual path but fail to realize the dogma is inescapable. Much misinformation is sources to the point of argument thus by creating small regional tribes I am a firm believer of keeping information current and little deviation. Small tribalism worked for thousands of years and has seem to be weaponized on greed and materialistic value. Sure, there was conflict, and to say they lived in harmony would be a false claim, but they endured.

The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society

“Its not about the money but the tribe”

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