The Traditionalist view of Fascism

                Today’s fascism in Vinland is of course a bastardized over the top political weapon. This being said in the Traditionalist view of this author is “To Force what is normal” in this case the left of today’s America’s politics they have become extremely good at this. The Right not so much if anything they have created more division and splinters of themselves whom work together only in mutual benefit. It can be seen as fighting or trying to tear over the theaters or in some cases scrapes of the corporate America that it has become.

                People have seem not to be comfortable with ruling themselves or deferring from a one-party system of illusion. Thus, they chose to be ruled and many that haven’t bought into it are branded and bombarded with propaganda. Just like history will repeat the undesirable well be done away with once the desired effect is achieved. Or from the looks the parties well escalate resulting in a constant warring until we are all destroyed or to weakened in body or soul to resist any advance.

                This being said a set of bylaws are to be created and well be reviewed and possible settled at the Althing of 2020 or if any at a later date. One in particular that may cause heated discussion would be working with other organizations nationally or outside Wisconsin Boarders. We made this organization because of the experiences that were had. For two years I watched the Right NS a small minority of the Heathen right try and bend control. Just to watch if fracture and shatter or people seem to get “Butthurt” because they weren’t put in charge right away.

                In the end stepping away from that organization was one of the best things that we could have done sooner. For politics, our goals can be quite simple, to get our Holy days recognized and have certain benefits given to us just like some other. To legalize some practices like are ancestors did such as hunting with spear or atlatl. Getting the Groundwork set for Altar and temple works instead of repurposing warehouses, churches, and such other established places. These things the current political spectrum have no interest in and seem to use a spirituality as a type of vehicle at times.

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