On Runes

Written By Bjorn

Gothi of the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society

                I will start by saying that “Runes are without a doubt one of the most Holy things past down from our ancestors that we have today”.  The miss usage of such things is quite common and will always be an issue in today’s world so we will not dwell on that. Instead, it’s up to us to understand the meaning behind the rune or runes and this is a lot of work and study sometimes years to a lifetime it can take. The goal of these post will be to shorten and direct information about runes but will eventually lead into larger works.


                The word rune itself means “secret, mystery.” Typically, Runes were used heavily in Germanic culture and the majority of Europe. Many make the mistake of using the Elder Futhark in the wrong era such as the Viking era. It was the Younger Futhark that the sea raiders in that time frame would have used. It was an age where things begin to break down and runes typically were used as graffiti or in that fashion.

Before this I believe that runes themselves were used in a most pressing and magical manner such as speaking such could actually hold powerful meaning. As when carving on certain objects such as different woods would have different effects in spiritual beliefs. As many start to become able to speak and write with proper education this would have eventually lost their meaning. Of course, then Latin became a more common practice as the Abrahamic faith took over.  The healers and shamans in the groves took a different course and a backseat to charlatans and the new age magic user. These individuals offer their services for a fee in modern currency and play on the whims and hopes of the desperate or lesser enlighten to the downright lazy.

Authors Note: Read a dam book

Authors Disclaimer: I am far from a Runemaster, and no they cannot find or make someone love you.

It is up to use as practicing heathens to use such powerful and ancient rites responsibly, I personally cannot remember the last time I used runes in a serious matter. Sure I’ve used them on objects and tools but never for the more personal things I hear many ask for.  


  1. A letter of an ancient Germanic alphabet, related to the Roman alphabet.
    1. a mark or letter of mysterious or magic significance.
    1. small stones, pieces of bone, etc., bearing runes, and used as divinatory symbols.

“The casting of the runes”

                We will be starting off with the Elder Futhark for this by far would be the oldest known variant of the Runes today.

Elder Futhark typically known as the short branch more commonly known as the Swedish and Norwegian runes. But as mentioned the elder futhark goes back quite far perhaps on thought and speculation to the stone age (Possible). This set contains 24 runes in total

The Younger Futhark the Viking age system was know as the long branch commonly known as the Danish runes. This set contained 16 runes and was the set used as mentioned by the sea raiders.

Short and Long branch what’s the difference?

The Elder Futhark was divided into three sets each with its own properties and classifications by todays standard. The short branch would be because it has been design and divided into three sets of 8 leading to a total of 24 runes.  The younger Futhark which are two rows of 8 totaling to 16 more on these in the next segment.

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