The Hunters Rite

The Hunters ritual

Every Year we go into the mountains as a 3 day get away, we hunt we fish, and we practice field craft on a level that this is what we have to work with. At first, I started it as just a primitive campout and never had much thought only calling it live like your homeless. Only on the second year did I start calling it the hunter’s ritual and that was only because it was our hunting season. But it went deeper than that and until the last year and a lot reading material later did, we discover our reason to actually hunt and why we have the drive to.

One of the Highland Roads North

In the winter the Koryos or similar men would venture into the forest to kill winter predators it was referenced nines days. Unfortunately, due to working know a days and a sedative life that most lead this is unfortunately hard to almost impossible to do. Wisconsin has no shortage of these predators, and the season typically takes place in September from deer, bear and most recently wolf. Much controversy about the role man plays in todays world. Most of the people today playing into the weak generation of victimhood. They no longer seek the harsh winds or the comfort of the pine bed the marvel and beauty of the fall. No, they seek four walls and a television the suffering of a slow death. We do this not only to keep in touch with ourselves but also the land. We hunt we drink, and we love and venerate the land we tread, it is a place of tranquility that is unmatched and experience by few.

The men that went into the mountains did so to kill the winter as well as help with the population control of the spring predators as well. This is the few cycle that modern men participate in know a days the stalking of the game and control to keep the land healthy. It is our job as heathens in this age to play a part and care for the forest even if the toles are paid in blood.

Himinbjörg (Old NorseHiminbjǫrg “heaven’s castle” or “heaven mountain)

I have been far north to Wisconsin’s Himinbiörg. Of course, an expedition for an Altar site is being planned, it is a small section of mountain that I have not explored. I plan on one more trip this year and more in spring. This is due to the terrain changing with the seasons. It is our job to establish holy sites with little disturbance as possible for future generations.

One thought on “The Hunters Rite

  1. Well stated and echoes this:

    THE HAVAMAL Stanza 10

    Better gear than good sense
    A traveler cannot carry,
    Better than riches for a wretched man,
    Far from his own home

    Auden and Taylor


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