Typically taken as wealth but not the wealth you would expect Fehu is often referred to as mobile cattle thus in this form the head of cattle one had meant they were a wealthy individual. This would in fact factor in the amount of land to and resources to maintain. But the fertility of the land as well would be a factor such as leading to possible conflicts and statue in the older ages. A Good example would be a sugar maple trees and a few apple trees on a small parcel of land. You can cut down buying food from the local markets during harvest time or responsible use the resources available and not destroy the balance of your property.

In the modern context Fehu would be your tools and your transportation to make money but sometimes this can temporarily or indefinitely translate into social caste as well. Today’s world in its current state has lost the majority of its spiritual wealth. The fact of it is the earn of our current currency seems to have no value until learned or taught in a hard knock lesson.  Most currency today is deriving in a digital market in hance only holding worth in an electronic age. But things such as metal and resources that you have are a physical manifestation and can be traded and bartered. You could forge tools and items for trade or sale giving you the current currency to get more supplies. But what it is really worth is the experience and knowledge gained to produce such items. This in itself is the spiritual wealth that many have lost the sense of accomplishment that goes with destruction of one form and the creation of another.

Fe-Hu – Fay Who

Phonetic value of Fehu is F as in fire a creative and destructive force of nature.

Old interpretation

Heads of Cattle

Current interpretation

Tools of the trade

Note: Although farmers today have many head of cattle the business itself from talking with some can be heavily strained due to the consistent regulations of modern agriculture.

All pictures were taken in Wisconsin in the current year 2021

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