A primal force would be the simplest way of a shorten definition of Uruz, this would reference back to the Bovine of creation. Known as Audhumla the bovine that fed the screamer Ymir the matter of the being that created our universe. In ancient times the Aurochs was a very feared animal and said to be extremely aggressive and prized food source but also merit and honor for ancient hunters. The beast stood broad shouldered with its horn forward. Imagine some of your most primal instincts screaming at you numb your body to the fear during a hunt. The primal strength that the rune possesses also baseline in wisdom and lore. Wisdom and lore would make a strong society were its thoughts may be done by warriors and not bureaucrats. Such were the ways of many of our ancestors of that many like to venerate today.

In modern times Uraz could empower you to make your physical position better given the current state of society. (Author included) With society on the downslide of insanity well calling the Folk Mad well they themselves indulge in self-mutilation and medicate. Uruz should be used in the context of self-empowerment weather competing or in training one needs to work the body and the mind as one unit. This would be done by taking your time to find the required knowledge to be done weathers its nutrition or a particular exercise. Training for fitness or even warrior application or even a skill to be learned Uruz will guide your pursuits in most endeavors. When we as folk as children of the universe apply primal skill and then we shape it we are capable of almost anything. Blood memory comes to mind with Uruz as soon as you apply yourself the thought will come.

I have chosen a sunrise because i do not have a picture of long horn cattle but i feel the sunrise would be sufficient

U-ruz – OO-rooz

Phonetic value of Uruz is U As a primordial force of power and creation

Old interpretation

The primordial drizzle the fertility of the old world the milk from Audhumla the dripping from the horns & Antlers of the stag or the beast cattle.

Newer interpretation

In today’s society we strive to keep a health being in this world of decay it can be troublesome and hard to keep value and trim away dead growth.  

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