Virtue One of the WRFS (Wisconsin Rural Folk Society)

We keep the Folk in Heathenry

Virtue One of the WRFS (Wisconsin Rural Folk Society)

Based in education in the pursuit of wisdom the never-ending quest of good fortune and knowledge for this is a standard we must never stray. We may never make a profit off of our own fellow heathen. For when we make it a business, we lose ourselves in the materialism of the modern world to an age of Titan’s.

Days go by nights come and go I often think of many I have shook hands with the some I call friend and the tribe that we have created. How many went by the quality stays and shows how many have had weak handshakes and have departed. I often think how many speak and talk about effort and when results don’t show they turn their backs.

Many want to be in charge but don’t want to give their time or put their own fate forward, they always say to create a better world. But have yet to do so they think using the same systems and procedures as the feudal system we have in place will work better with them at the head. These people lack imagination and creativity to function even in their own society of their own creation.

In our first virtue industrious comes to mind of the noble nine virtues that many preach like a biblical passage. In your lifetime your hard work may not be rewarded until your passing from this world where your deeds of dead man will not be judged until according.

Gothi Bjorn of the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society

This is for our descendants  

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