European Tribalism

                There seems to be a lot of confusion with our term European Tribalism, so today I hope this writing makes our stance clear. Many will call it National socialism and by todays standard there are elements of it don’t get us wrong. But we are far from communism or any other form of Socialism it seems to be the very heavy focus of today. I could go on and on who our ancestors were tribal, but I think there is enough of us to maintain that view. Of course, it shocks many others when we give this definition.

Our thoughts of European Tribalism

                We are descendants of the Europeans who came before sure today we in America or Vinland are quite different. But our ancestors were a very tribal people, and they could be very nationalistic much like the Eurasian tribes of America today. We have a right like many others to practice our Folk Religion much like the many indigenous people of today. We have all right to preserve our traditions we have all right to be an exclusive people.

The world in which are slowly being consumed by modernity. The Push of consumption with out the consideration of sustaining resource has effectively begin to destroy indigenous people of the world. It has been discussed and agreed upon by many of our tribal leaders that the evolution of our politics, Traditions, and the preservation of our very being. Must change in this time it must change into a tribal model, the politics of the 1930’s will no longer sustain or suit the current times.

                I have asked many to explain the philosophy or positive points and differences between National socialism and Communism. I have been told after asking the question that its complex and we don’t have time for the politics. That phrase tells me that many of these individuals haven’t a clue or a very lame understanding of what the current process of it is today. After doing my research and if many are going off on the platform of the 1930’s in which I have gotten that impression. Besides the economics and the ethnic policies of such it is not much different from communism. Ultimately the power ends with the state.

                So, you may ask how are our politics different?

                Kings, Chieftains, Tribal leaders, and lords had to sacrifice for their people and could be replaced unlike today mess of an oligarchy system or the fantasied notion that any kind of socialism well save us all. Many tribal leaders today also would like to keep their own tribal identity and traditions I personally believe any form of socialism will entirely destroy that. Being able to assemble to talk moot to blot to attend functions for our advancement.

If the information in this video is correct there is much difference between the two

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