Urbs to the Mass The lively of the bread and circus

Disclaimer: In no way are we promoting the illegal actions of an induvial or party’s this is for thought and educational purposes only. -Hludwig

The Boarder of Wisconsin and Michigan and the road to Wisconsin Himinbiörg – Picture from Hludwig

                I have often wondered well watching the globalization of the current world, letting the masses have the Urbs or cities. For the past few years, I have watched as many small gems in our great state get whored out to “campers” of the unwashed mass of the urbanites. Most of the county’s seem to be installing income-based sites on these places in which in turn leave the once beautiful gem a thralling mess and vandalized. I have seen our folk in highly disregard for such places as well thus when the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society holds and event for a few days clean up is mandatory. We try and put into practice of leave it better than how you found it.

                Thus, this well be a prime and core example when we create remote and wild shrines and altars in fact one in the very near future. A scouting mission is to place soon for such a place at what is referred to as Wisconsin’s Himinbiörg. Certain places well need to meet the criteria for such and the point of all this well to be teach the descendants of the “sacred and profound”. With Global Politics

“Here and know passing in the forest here & now freedom here & now death here & now action Here and now”

A pond at a well traveled forest reserve. Picture From Hludwig

By taking these action we could know reestablish the dominance of our Heathen Ancestors, therefore creating what is needed as an outer link for a community. As many small towns are structured after much of Abrahamic religion and principle. So, they can be restructured in creation of new areas in which to settle new communities. The phrase new Blood needs to be added to an ever-aging population in which work is driven out of the smaller towns and forced into the larger areas of cities. I know quite a few people that travel 40 – 50 minutes to make a living on a daily basis leaving eventually a wide-open expanse of ancestral land to be swallowed up and resold.

The tax on the elderly and the degeneration of young minds is evidence of this they seek to uproot family ties of blood and bonds to land and heritage. Why push a hostile land grab when you can simply rent and change tenets every 20 to 50 years? Log out the lands and make income by allowing the resources to be exploited in the name of titans (production) or exploited by water ways as federal access to a property is granted due to a body of water in existence.

            These are just a few small example of a mulita part of writings I will be doing throughout the year. In these articles we will discuss community build and the pitfalls that many may fall into.

Picture from Hludwig

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