Traditionalism and Animism

Every year and every so often I’ll get an individual who wants to buy my hammer, it always seems in spring that I hear from such. The other day was no exception and thus the answer is still no as it has always been and well always be. When you use something in your rites on your journeys and such its gain’s some of you and strengthens it.  That’s why items such as Hollowing hammers and blessing bowls over time gain prestige and when they become more familiar with many, the item gain’s veterancy of sorts.

We typically call this animism which is a form of spiritually built power over time, this could be a personal item or a altar even a space in the material universe. Most in the new age classify animism as operating on a basic instant or the ability to act like an impulsive animal. In which this is not the case but only people ill content and feeding their own interest well trying to justify what is right in which many see as unjust. There are those people out there that go to great lengths to do so, in which you should watch for.

                In the realm of traditionalism, a firm understanding of such needs to be had, I’ve heard some quite asinine thoughts and it typically starts out with “our ancestor did this so we should look into it”. I am only partially agreeing with the notion of such until in comes to something that would be a bit derogatory even seeming being eroded by today’s standards. In our time building and vetting many this is a very touched upon subject in the polytheist’s community and the perceptions like above vary to a high degree.

My personal Hammer that is worn daily – Hludwig

Blot and Animism

                When you Blot or do rites in an area that is when power build’s and thus is why you watch who you invite to take part. For there you are sharing the soul’s power with many others in libation well passing the cup or horn around. This goes from the stones or altar set in place to the fire area in which trash should never be burned. Only wood should be burned, and seasoned wood burns clean and warm well green wood gives you smoke.

(We do not recommend Birch due to the water content it can contain makes fire difficult but the oils in the bark are a good starter.)

Above are just a few examples to give you thoughts on Tradition and animism below is a definition.

  • Hludwig


the attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena.

the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.

“a village steeped in ancient animism and rituals”

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