Our Folkish Paganism

The Rural Folk Folkish Heathenry

A new course seems to emerge as it always does, what I have been seeing is that more Folkish heathens are well more Folkish heathens. Holding the earlier values of tribalism and how we evolved as mankind, consorting with our own and evolving our own political and spiritual pathway. Stepping away from the failings of the recent past and applying the values of the past against the ever-encroaching progressivism. Not all in our Folk would like to see this change happen and many seek to stop it. The reason for that would be simple we are harder if not uncontrollable in the terms of a materialist shackle.

We at the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society encourage the co-operation of the many tribes in Wisconsin and its boarders that have taken interest. This ensures that our own traditions and independence stays assured well restricting outside forces that may want to exploit our own people for gain. The beauty of this system allows the cooperation from many and the constant communication of such works. Thus, let it continue and take on life of its own as it has and as it well be a forever changing force of traditionalism.

The function

Folkish heathenry today has a high association with National socialism when in fact tribalism is a form of primordial nationalism. Strip away what failed of the recent past, and you have the bare bones of people that just want to practice their heathenry in a homogeneous group. To govern as we should and will without the needs for an established national/international church. This is a hard concept for many to wrap their heads around with the pollical luster of everyone wants to be in charge.

 This in today’s world has been seen heavily as a big no, with the world crashing its waves against our walls stronger bonds must be made. This is the function of the Wisconsin rural folk society. It well brings heartens of this mindset together with the ability to work in a similar if not rarely the way our ancestors did. – Hludwig

4 responses to “Our Folkish Paganism”

  1. I don’t suppose you’ve got a branch in Maine? 🙂

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    1. Koryonos Hludwig Avatar
      Koryonos Hludwig

      No we do not have a branch anywhere but Wisconsin

      We intend to keep it to our state well encouraging and helping others to start their own community project like ours. We came the AFA and decided to do things our way they were actually hurting us. In the past three years it has grown and we have had our share of individuals whom would turn this into some bar scene drinking fest from the 80’s.

      if you have any questions for us you could email them to wiruralfolksociety@gmail.com we always like comments and questions.

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      1. I can absolutely respect that, Sir. As you might imagine, New England is not what you would call a hotbed of Folkish Heathendom. I’ve tried reaching the folk-builders of the AFA, and I’ve even tried grifting a little at local “Pagan” (read globalist) festivals but never really got anywhere. I’ll save that address, thank you.

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      2. Koryonos Hludwig Avatar
        Koryonos Hludwig

        Seems they have gone that route and a lot with their Church promoting as well


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