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This page is Dedicated to keep are readers informed about the current happenings and decisions made in the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society.


1st Thing and Midsummer for the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society  

                Althing – Thing topics

The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society is a Homologous European Tribal Organization

Our laws and rights were granted by our creators.

10+ people in attendance

Goals in Politics

Community based: A good example would be the Amish community, after observing them for quite some time. I had come to the conclusion that in Vinland it would be best to pursue this model instead of a model of tribal sovereignty. This could be and easier start with less complications than a sovereign nation, due to the cooperation status of the United States of America and recent events in history.

This leads to the Ability to work in and out in the current country of the time and yet have a haven to fallback to for law and social structure.

Working to add the Viking games to the major events such as Midsummer and Yule Creator of the Wisconsin Viking games – M.W.

Such skills to be practice for coordination and eventually hopefully legalized for special privileges for our usage in the state of Wisconsin under the arguments of tribal peoples.


Spear and Atlatl for hunting

This would open possibility for larger advancements in the political field in the area.

Identity Politics was discuss briefly and determined there are plenty of groups on that level in the world. Although what we are doing well aid in building a heathen structure based on tradition and morals.

Calendar: Long term goal would be to nationalize our holy days on the calendar but for now the beginning for a calendar for 2023 well begin that can be ordered from the WRFS.

Hoping to raise awareness of heathenry in Wisconsin well keeping an Ethnic tradition.

Rules and Laws about Militarization.


Every man legal of age and statue is part of there tribes Fyrd, militarization well led to our destruction and to degree already has. The idea of a great heathen army in modern times is foolish, I will not deny that our people are war like but there are situations that are rare and rarely yet occur. We do not need the problems that come with these actions. We want to focus on growing a community and not some failed ideology.

Definition of fyrd:  (Old English pronunciation: [fyrˠd]) was a type of early Anglo-Saxon army that was mobilised from freemen to defend their shire, or from selected representatives to join a royal expedition. Service in the fyrd was usually of short duration and participants were expected to provide their own arms and provision.


Safety is top priority and events well be kept family friendly, plans to grow and expand well keeping Midsummer and other events highly organized are already in the works. Any illegal activity well be removed and confronted with no tolerance.

Outlawry and Banishment

Only one individual was determined to be outlawed at this time for violation of the circle.


Heiliger Bjorn the Elder of The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society                                              6.21.21

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