Virtue One of the WRFS (Wisconsin Rural Folk Society)

We keep the Folk in Heathenry Virtue One of the WRFS (Wisconsin Rural Folk Society) Based in education in the pursuit of wisdom the never-ending quest of good fortune and knowledge for this is a standard we must never stray. We may never make a profit off of our own fellow heathen. For when weContinue reading “Virtue One of the WRFS (Wisconsin Rural Folk Society)”

The Traditionalist view of Fascism

                Today’s fascism in Vinland is of course a bastardized over the top political weapon. This being said in the Traditionalist view of this author is “To Force what is normal” in this case the left of today’s America’s politics they have become extremely good at this. The Right not so much if anything theyContinue reading “The Traditionalist view of Fascism”

Our Pagan Traditionalism in the Modern World

During the last 24 hours I have watched the response that has helped us get out there in posting I’d like to say thank you Asbjorn. So, I Figured addressing the phrase further and explain any confusion that may accrue. By today’s standard we would be considered right but honestly the overly sicken politics andContinue reading “Our Pagan Traditionalism in the Modern World”

Asatru, Tradition and Odinism

Asatru a more labeled type of Heathenry for the age common more in America and Iceland (ever at odds), I could never understand why the Icelanders looked down on the Americanized variant. Iv been reading Gap the left-hand path of Odin, by Askr Svarte the book itself concentrates more on the individual not the leftyContinue reading “Asatru, Tradition and Odinism”