The Hearth

The Hearth
A Young Man enjoys the first fire of the spring equinox

Our Folkish Paganism

The Rural Folk Folkish Heathenry A new course seems to emerge as it always does, what I have been seeing is that more Folkish heathens are well more Folkish heathens. Holding the earlier values of tribalism and how we evolved as mankind, consorting with our own and evolving our own political and spiritual pathway. Stepping […]

Traditionalism and Animism

Every year and every so often I’ll get an individual who wants to buy my hammer, it always seems in spring that I hear from such. The other day was no exception and thus the answer is still no as it has always been and well always be. When you use something in your rites […]

Urbs to the Mass The lively of the bread and circus

Disclaimer: In no way are we promoting the illegal actions of an induvial or party’s this is for thought and educational purposes only. -Hludwig                 I have often wondered well watching the globalization of the current world, letting the masses have the Urbs or cities. For the past few years, I have watched as many […]

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