Virtue One of the WRFS (Wisconsin Rural Folk Society)

We keep the Folk in Heathenry

Virtue One of the WRFS (Wisconsin Rural Folk Society)

Based in education in the pursuit of wisdom the never-ending quest of good fortune and knowledge for this is a standard we must never stray. We may never make a profit off of our own fellow heathen. For when we make it a business, we lose ourselves in the materialism of the modern world to an age of Titan’s.

Days go by nights come and go I often think of many I have shook hands with the some I call friend and the tribe that we have created. How many went by the quality stays and shows how many have had weak handshakes and have departed. I often think how many speak and talk about effort and when results don’t show they turn their backs.

Many want to be in charge but don’t want to give their time or put their own fate forward, they always say to create a better world. But have yet to do so they think using the same systems and procedures as the feudal system we have in place will work better with them at the head. These people lack imagination and creativity to function even in their own society of their own creation.

In our first virtue industrious comes to mind of the noble nine virtues that many preach like a biblical passage. In your lifetime your hard work may not be rewarded until your passing from this world where your deeds of dead man will not be judged until according.

Gothi Bjorn of the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society

This is for our descendants  



                A primal force would be the simplest way of a shorten definition of Uruz, this would reference back to the Bovine of creation. Known as Audhumla the bovine that fed the screamer Ymir the matter of the being that created our universe. In ancient times the Aurochs was a very feared animal and said to be extremely aggressive and prized food source but also merit and honor for ancient hunters. The beast stood broad shouldered with its horn forward. Imagine some of your most primal instincts screaming at you numb your body to the fear during a hunt. The primal strength that the rune possesses also baseline in wisdom and lore. Wisdom and lore would make a strong society were its thoughts may be done by warriors and not bureaucrats. Such were the ways of many of our ancestors of that many like to venerate today.

In modern times Uraz could empower you to make your physical position better given the current state of society. (Author included) With society on the downslide of insanity well calling the Folk Mad well they themselves indulge in self-mutilation and medicate. Uruz should be used in the context of self-empowerment weather competing or in training one needs to work the body and the mind as one unit. This would be done by taking your time to find the required knowledge to be done weathers its nutrition or a particular exercise. Training for fitness or even warrior application or even a skill to be learned Uruz will guide your pursuits in most endeavors. When we as folk as children of the universe apply primal skill and then we shape it we are capable of almost anything. Blood memory comes to mind with Uruz as soon as you apply yourself the thought will come.

I have chosen a sunrise because i do not have a picture of long horn cattle but i feel the sunrise would be sufficient

U-ruz – OO-rooz

Phonetic value of Uruz is U As a primordial force of power and creation

Old interpretation

The primordial drizzle the fertility of the old world the milk from Audhumla the dripping from the horns & Antlers of the stag or the beast cattle.

Newer interpretation

In today’s society we strive to keep a health being in this world of decay it can be troublesome and hard to keep value and trim away dead growth.  



Typically taken as wealth but not the wealth you would expect Fehu is often referred to as mobile cattle thus in this form the head of cattle one had meant they were a wealthy individual. This would in fact factor in the amount of land to and resources to maintain. But the fertility of the land as well would be a factor such as leading to possible conflicts and statue in the older ages. A Good example would be a sugar maple trees and a few apple trees on a small parcel of land. You can cut down buying food from the local markets during harvest time or responsible use the resources available and not destroy the balance of your property.

In the modern context Fehu would be your tools and your transportation to make money but sometimes this can temporarily or indefinitely translate into social caste as well. Today’s world in its current state has lost the majority of its spiritual wealth. The fact of it is the earn of our current currency seems to have no value until learned or taught in a hard knock lesson.  Most currency today is deriving in a digital market in hance only holding worth in an electronic age. But things such as metal and resources that you have are a physical manifestation and can be traded and bartered. You could forge tools and items for trade or sale giving you the current currency to get more supplies. But what it is really worth is the experience and knowledge gained to produce such items. This in itself is the spiritual wealth that many have lost the sense of accomplishment that goes with destruction of one form and the creation of another.

Fe-Hu – Fay Who

Phonetic value of Fehu is F as in fire a creative and destructive force of nature.

Old interpretation

Heads of Cattle

Current interpretation

Tools of the trade

Note: Although farmers today have many head of cattle the business itself from talking with some can be heavily strained due to the consistent regulations of modern agriculture.

All pictures were taken in Wisconsin in the current year 2021


On Runes

Written By Bjorn

Gothi of the Wisconsin Rural Folk Society

                I will start by saying that “Runes are without a doubt one of the most Holy things past down from our ancestors that we have today”.  The miss usage of such things is quite common and will always be an issue in today’s world so we will not dwell on that. Instead, it’s up to us to understand the meaning behind the rune or runes and this is a lot of work and study sometimes years to a lifetime it can take. The goal of these post will be to shorten and direct information about runes but will eventually lead into larger works.


                The word rune itself means “secret, mystery.” Typically, Runes were used heavily in Germanic culture and the majority of Europe. Many make the mistake of using the Elder Futhark in the wrong era such as the Viking era. It was the Younger Futhark that the sea raiders in that time frame would have used. It was an age where things begin to break down and runes typically were used as graffiti or in that fashion.

Before this I believe that runes themselves were used in a most pressing and magical manner such as speaking such could actually hold powerful meaning. As when carving on certain objects such as different woods would have different effects in spiritual beliefs. As many start to become able to speak and write with proper education this would have eventually lost their meaning. Of course, then Latin became a more common practice as the Abrahamic faith took over.  The healers and shamans in the groves took a different course and a backseat to charlatans and the new age magic user. These individuals offer their services for a fee in modern currency and play on the whims and hopes of the desperate or lesser enlighten to the downright lazy.

Authors Note: Read a dam book

Authors Disclaimer: I am far from a Runemaster, and no they cannot find or make someone love you.

It is up to use as practicing heathens to use such powerful and ancient rites responsibly, I personally cannot remember the last time I used runes in a serious matter. Sure I’ve used them on objects and tools but never for the more personal things I hear many ask for.  


  1. A letter of an ancient Germanic alphabet, related to the Roman alphabet.
    1. a mark or letter of mysterious or magic significance.
    1. small stones, pieces of bone, etc., bearing runes, and used as divinatory symbols.

“The casting of the runes”

                We will be starting off with the Elder Futhark for this by far would be the oldest known variant of the Runes today.

Elder Futhark typically known as the short branch more commonly known as the Swedish and Norwegian runes. But as mentioned the elder futhark goes back quite far perhaps on thought and speculation to the stone age (Possible). This set contains 24 runes in total

The Younger Futhark the Viking age system was know as the long branch commonly known as the Danish runes. This set contained 16 runes and was the set used as mentioned by the sea raiders.

Short and Long branch what’s the difference?

The Elder Futhark was divided into three sets each with its own properties and classifications by todays standard. The short branch would be because it has been design and divided into three sets of 8 leading to a total of 24 runes.  The younger Futhark which are two rows of 8 totaling to 16 more on these in the next segment.

The Hunters Rite

The Hunters ritual

Every Year we go into the mountains as a 3 day get away, we hunt we fish, and we practice field craft on a level that this is what we have to work with. At first, I started it as just a primitive campout and never had much thought only calling it live like your homeless. Only on the second year did I start calling it the hunter’s ritual and that was only because it was our hunting season. But it went deeper than that and until the last year and a lot reading material later did, we discover our reason to actually hunt and why we have the drive to.

One of the Highland Roads North

In the winter the Koryos or similar men would venture into the forest to kill winter predators it was referenced nines days. Unfortunately, due to working know a days and a sedative life that most lead this is unfortunately hard to almost impossible to do. Wisconsin has no shortage of these predators, and the season typically takes place in September from deer, bear and most recently wolf. Much controversy about the role man plays in todays world. Most of the people today playing into the weak generation of victimhood. They no longer seek the harsh winds or the comfort of the pine bed the marvel and beauty of the fall. No, they seek four walls and a television the suffering of a slow death. We do this not only to keep in touch with ourselves but also the land. We hunt we drink, and we love and venerate the land we tread, it is a place of tranquility that is unmatched and experience by few.

The men that went into the mountains did so to kill the winter as well as help with the population control of the spring predators as well. This is the few cycle that modern men participate in know a days the stalking of the game and control to keep the land healthy. It is our job as heathens in this age to play a part and care for the forest even if the toles are paid in blood.

Himinbjörg (Old NorseHiminbjǫrg “heaven’s castle” or “heaven mountain)

I have been far north to Wisconsin’s Himinbiörg. Of course, an expedition for an Altar site is being planned, it is a small section of mountain that I have not explored. I plan on one more trip this year and more in spring. This is due to the terrain changing with the seasons. It is our job to establish holy sites with little disturbance as possible for future generations.

The Traditionalist view of Fascism

                Today’s fascism in Vinland is of course a bastardized over the top political weapon. This being said in the Traditionalist view of this author is “To Force what is normal” in this case the left of today’s America’s politics they have become extremely good at this. The Right not so much if anything they have created more division and splinters of themselves whom work together only in mutual benefit. It can be seen as fighting or trying to tear over the theaters or in some cases scrapes of the corporate America that it has become.

                People have seem not to be comfortable with ruling themselves or deferring from a one-party system of illusion. Thus, they chose to be ruled and many that haven’t bought into it are branded and bombarded with propaganda. Just like history will repeat the undesirable well be done away with once the desired effect is achieved. Or from the looks the parties well escalate resulting in a constant warring until we are all destroyed or to weakened in body or soul to resist any advance.

                This being said a set of bylaws are to be created and well be reviewed and possible settled at the Althing of 2020 or if any at a later date. One in particular that may cause heated discussion would be working with other organizations nationally or outside Wisconsin Boarders. We made this organization because of the experiences that were had. For two years I watched the Right NS a small minority of the Heathen right try and bend control. Just to watch if fracture and shatter or people seem to get “Butthurt” because they weren’t put in charge right away.

                In the end stepping away from that organization was one of the best things that we could have done sooner. For politics, our goals can be quite simple, to get our Holy days recognized and have certain benefits given to us just like some other. To legalize some practices like are ancestors did such as hunting with spear or atlatl. Getting the Groundwork set for Altar and temple works instead of repurposing warehouses, churches, and such other established places. These things the current political spectrum have no interest in and seem to use a spirituality as a type of vehicle at times.

Our Pagan Traditionalism in the Modern World

During the last 24 hours I have watched the response that has helped us get out there in posting I’d like to say thank you Asbjorn.

So, I Figured addressing the phrase further and explain any confusion that may accrue.

By today’s standard we would be considered right but honestly the overly sicken politics and materialistic values people seem to have are what tear the soul a sunder.

We instead try and base what we see off of traditionalist paganism off of our ancestors’ moral values which well take quite amount of time of study. Heiliger Mann – Bjorn

                It is true that traditionalism is seen as a conservative value in which we won’t deny but embrace. By supporting the current state of politics have far too long kept us running into circles and preventing any positive growth from accruing. So, The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society was created as a community project and has seen considerable growth as the pandemic. It is time to flex are wings as to say plant our standard and hold our grounds, As I mention we are not Left or Right, but we are Pagan traditionalism, fledging in the world of decay.

Origins to the modern world

Definition of Traditionalism the upholding or maintenance of tradition, especially so as to resist change. The theory that all moral and religious truth comes from divine revelation passed on by tradition, human reason being incapable of attaining it.

            “A term of which embodies eternal, holy and incorruptible values” – Raido the natural order of things and how we ourselves have strayed buying into the daily grind and forgetting what is sacred. The grind in which myself I get up and go to work to pay another a toll in which I live in a building. Even more is the toll if I chose not to live along side neighbors forcing us into a meaningless work of titans. You may ask when does it end and why did it start? This has always been in motion you either support the tribe or die alone like the wolf astray. The problem has become that the tribe has become a corporation. Our ancient kin from recent studies didn’t work as much as the average person today. Leaving time for the more holy festivals to be tended to and dwelling deep into the happier times.

We try and take pride in the work we do even in times of tole that seem meaningless this in some strange way gives us meaning. I was an armed guard for VIP and precious metals and still maintain functional kit to this day. Things of that nature I can tell you are worth working for and keeping current. One never knows when they have to defend their castle. Today’s world over the top and materialistic value placed on items that break and die only to be thrown away. This keeps you working harder and forgetting about duty or the sacred. Compiling of wants to need in the younger years until you realize that life well keep moving after you have passed on.

            This alone makes keeping with times of the holy times of the year nearly impossible unless you cement your position of authority. This may never go to well to begin with in some case and you are forced to endure the cycle. This goes the same with the current politics of the era the amount of running and illusion of choice that send most Vinlanders into a frenzy every four years. Some of which well lean many to the extreme right or extreme left and eventually start eating one another. This has been proven time and time again in the current setting, the doom and gloom that follows with the anxiety of the next four years of the puppet show. What they call unity is the great divide in which passes religion and law as spirituality.

The Moral integrity decays with such passing many need to find that spiritual path but fail to realize the dogma is inescapable. Much misinformation is sources to the point of argument thus by creating small regional tribes I am a firm believer of keeping information current and little deviation. Small tribalism worked for thousands of years and has seem to be weaponized on greed and materialistic value. Sure, there was conflict, and to say they lived in harmony would be a false claim, but they endured.

The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society

“Its not about the money but the tribe”

Spear Point Youth Program

The spring always brings opportunity for long walks, foraging and other folk activities among the forest walk today (almost 3 miles) we had found a grove of oaks and rocks of old. Our day ended with some archery practice putting back in focus the youth program and the needs it does fulfill. Our own folk the majority seem to lack this piece of mind and the phrase we need to go back comes to mind. Well, there is no going back but there is advancement, I had never understood how hard it was to leave the city until I trapped myself in one. It took me almost eight years to remove myself from the “more civilized” aspect of things, I did it in a way that caused outcry. The NOOOOO! You can’t do that was the most common phrase, but I went and did anyway. We as humans are social creatures but small groups or tribal regions suit us European folk best. Most of the Folk in the city today don’t see any reason to move into the rural country but well always push a failing unity ideology.

The Heiliger Mann and his stepson practicing with a traditional bow

No one wants to be under command of one and the few actual cases based in history may have seen a divine individual and as of today not such a person exist.  The heroes that grace Odin’s hall that is the ultimate Orlog of these men, Valhalla is a special place and not accessible to anyone. I spent my own time running jeweler escorts and VIP (bodyguard) as an armed guard but that does not mean a dam thing. (Few close calls)

The world is driven by money and seeks to snuff out the small trade and business, but we keep prevailing. One goal of the Rural Folk society is to keep this small barter and trade in our smaller communities (primarily heathen goods).

Back to the subject at hand

The walk into the forest seeing this area for the first time was not disappointing, Oak and pine, Rocks and Bog. We have our own unique connection to this land and sometimes it feels much older than history I dare to say. (I believe our ancestors graced this land long before the “Native Americans” that conquest and no quilt about it) The rock formations and the forest that covers much of it to be speculated. The marshes and bogs that may have been there after the ice age had receded; you have to think about what may have been sacred. The lake encountered could have been such at one point in unwritten history. It is quite out of the way and isolated the shore seems almost impregnable but in a few spots. Of course the modern way humans cut and travel trails in today’s world making this little gem a bit more accessible by the few who walk the trails.  

A depiction of ancient man

Many places I have been I’ve felt this connection and very few have had any recent to human habitation or trash for that matter. It these places we should hold dear for they seem untouched, but the places that are should be cleaned as always. During this pandemic last year, I had seen many place previously out of the way spoiled. People looking to escape the mass thrall of society even if it’s just temporary.

The lake that seem virtually untouched

Don’t be that asshole who leaves your trash behind

Asatru, Tradition and Odinism

Asatru a more labeled type of Heathenry for the age common more in America and Iceland (ever at odds), I could never understand why the Icelanders looked down on the Americanized variant. Iv been reading Gap the left-hand path of Odin, by Askr Svarte the book itself concentrates more on the individual not the lefty politics of America. This isn’t a book review not yet anyway but during the first few pages something did get my attention.

Asatru: The original Iceland Heathen pagan Community/ Has become Americanized and to some extent Political.

Trot/Troth: Not to be confused with most universalist organizations.

Definition of Troth: faith or loyalty when pledged in a solemn agreement or undertaking.

Forsidr/Old Tradition: is a belief or behavior (folk custom) passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.

Odinism/Wotanism: More Nationalistic and political in the movement itself Primary in America.

This may seem simple even with today’s information networks and available knowledge, it can seem that most seem to be fascinated with Asatru and Odinism. I had to understand why a lot of people that use to come to the Blot’s and ritual were more political. After reading this section I now know why, so we have been using the term Europe Heathenry as a defined classification. But from this point on I think old Tradition would be better suited for what were trying to achieve.

How well do I know myself

As spring approaches and I finalize planning for the spring and summer I cannot help but think of the changes in the world. The morning I came home from work the weather was 35 degrees and the moon lite high in the sky. Casting the reflections off of the clouds that held presence in broken formations, I had thought to myself how trouble in the world on such nights is there so much as these. Looking into the clear and partly cloudy skies watching the stars shine and looking back. I remember the days of what I will refer to as myself exile. I had prolonged that situation into a six to seven month absents in society (only returning to work). I went and did for two reasons that year, I was in the edge of having my kidneys shut down. I had left because the cycle needed to be broken the mundane life of struggling through out the years just to become sick and repeat the process after spending months in the hospital.

At that point I had made a decision that I could no longer remain here for the stale death would come and take me. I went out into the highlands that April to do one of two things, break the bad habits of eating at a gas station or trying to make ends meet – or – Die in a Far off and distance place that I possible would never be found, But I would die on my own terms. In a place of tranquil beauty and not some city graveyard where my wishes would no be met. I had put myself In that situation of do or die and I was smiled upon in the end, Often young men would go and camp in the wilderness in ancient times the mannerbund. They did this to harden themselves so they could one day rejoin the tribe or a war band they did it for glory and honor. But alas in todays society it seems to be looked down upon but personally I think its envy.

A Camp Heiliger Mann Bar often used in the highlands way off the main road. I slept under the stars countless nights here.

When things were said and done, I was blessed with my soon to be wife, another heathen something that I longed for, for so long. We are on the verge of purchasing a property of our own and the success of the first year of The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society. This is all for today its short but ill be working on more writings in the coming weeks.