Thoughts on Runes

One of the most asked questions that I get would be- Is there a Rune that can help my love life? The short answer is no.

This leads to a long discussion and emphasis on why.

I could sit here and write a long five-page explanation on runes and usage but well try and summarize it and keep it simple. Today the majority of people like to be feed information so most post are noticeably short and to the point. As well as a picture and artwork to stimulate the human thought, thus releasing sorts of an instant gratification. It has become the best way to spread information via the “social network”, I say this in quotation because with the more recent crowd they have not yet learned the hard earn study reaps the most rewards.

Study is hard and so is the initiative and, in most places, extremely underappreciated with many just wanting the short answers to the question. Most writings are very cryptic and hard to understand, or very arcane to the novice if not the more initiated. Study in groups have become extremely more popular in 2020 due to the virus that seems to just keep everyone on the edge.   

The runes are not some overly glorified text to graffiti they are “One of the holy symbols past down”. My personal belief is that they are much older than previously recorded, not all civilizations wrote everything down and cataloged such. Anything found and left behind can be grossly used and interpreted even such could possibly never be fully understood.

Putting a rune to work for you in what is referred to Galdr or magic, with that said it takes the users understanding but also their own will and initiative to put forth the effort. This can mean reading and writing and meditation but making sure you understand your own thought process as well. These works take tremendous amount of time and effort, long hours put in in reading and expense. Many may not be willing to spend their time in doing something of this nature.

The Spear Point Youth Program

The origin and purpose of the spear point youth program

                It was April 2019 I had just healed up from an injury the past October the state of my health was stable, but the question was. For how long? Would I just repeat the cycle and continue to the grave, the fear struck the primal instinct. I had been doing this for the last two decades with truly little success. I get well and rebound then falter again and feel the effects of it in everything I did. I was ready to go again in what seemed like the definition of insanity, work, home, pay bills and maybe eventually die. I would be replaced in a matter of weeks if not days by my job and the motions would be put forth.

                I was told I had to leave on the 13th and after burning my tax return to repair a vehicle I was hard pressed with funds. I needed another week at least and I was told no, as I lied there in bed that night dreaming off into the darkness I started to think. The cycle repeats itself every time and it well eventually end with my demise. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I started looking at it as opportunity, it had been years sense I spent more then a week out of the grinds of the current society. It was time for that change the answer I had been looking for, just as Odin scarified himself on the wind-swept tree. I had made up my mind that night that I would make this a symbolic sacrifice just like the All Father. Much of our ancestors particular in the mannerbund would leave home and live in Odin’s cults in the wild. I had wanted to reinvigorate that this time, and it would be do or die elsewhere, in a way that maybe my ancestors would smile upon me. This was looked down upon by what or who at that point where my peers.

                For six months coming out of the cold grips of winter and wet spring to blazing summer and finally fall I live under the stars. Although I was not entirely deprived of everything, I still had a truck and my job. I barley ever missed a day of work in this time period, I would stay in the highlands of Wisconsin and drive to work on the motorcycle and rarely in the truck. Weekends I would disappear deeper into the national forest. This self-ambition did cost me everything I knew and had worked for, but as Odin’s sacrifice has taught me. “in order to obtain a high self, you must let yourself go and sacrifice everything” You think people who worship a God like Odin would understand that, but that seems not so, it finally ended in October. A year after being injured, I had become injured again, my only injury sustained in this grand event. I had gotten burned in August right before our Frey Fraxi, I had not felt it due to medical conditions which have sense dissipated. I didn’t realize the seriousness of the burns on my feet I performed blot and the following workday checked in for treatment. Second degree burns with slight infection and being a diabetic, I ran the risk of actually losing a leg.

For the remainder of the three months, I camped out ever careful and monitoring my condition trying to figure out how this was going to play. Sure, I had the money for a new place but with not working and no unemployment how I was supposed to hold it together.

Then as the grip of winter set in I meet her I didn’t think we would be where we are today, but we are. I was nursed back to health and back to work and living a healthy life by October she had the understanding of what I was doing and why. She was a heathen as well and we have been learning and studying together. So has her son and who has become my stepson at this point which leads me to the creation of the Spear point youth program. The boy has not had the best father figure in his life, he is barley acknowledged by this individual. At that point I wanted to mentor the boy, I had always kept the rule well courting is that if kids were involved, they should be my own. But who could pass up another heathen as a partner in this day and age? So, I broke that rule and almost two years later we are still together and set to be married on our day of meeting. I am constantly good health her happiness and the boys show bright like the morning sun.

Taking this young man camping, fishing, and hunting has inspired us to create this, these are things younger folk should know for one day they may be in a similar situation and they well remember and survive. For he has gotten lost in the wild woods once already. – Heiliger Mann Bar

The Youth Progam

The Youth Program the idea came to us/me after one day my stepson took the wrong trail because he was being stubborn and didn’t want to go for a walk. I back logged a mile of trail looking for him that day, just to find him sitting on a bench that was at the top of the parks hill. I called to him remember what I was taught when looking for someone. In the surrounding forest the sound was disorienting. The load echo you hear is the wrong direction, I said well the faint voice that comes before would be the direction that he was in. He was found shortly after upset with tears but unharmed.

At this point I decided to start training him in case something happened in a situation where we were out as a kindred or in a place unknown. These basic skills would include primary of bushcraft skills and lore. He can know start a fire better then most adult’s in a windstorm. I am proud of him.

Navigating swamps and marshland on a hunt for whitetail see video below

and in the later year’s life skills as well as myth study. The goal of the program is to make functional heathen folk for the future not this broken genderless society that everyone seems to favor. (Quoted) To teach our children the future matters and the worship of the past as fire and not dwindling ash.  

I am pleased to announce that The Wisconsin Rural Folk Society well be doing away with Facebook but not entirely. You will see post directing to this webpage for the full read in which we will maintain a small presence but not very much thereafter.

(Note First set forth by the OR)

Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance

Rituals and the Native Tough

Written by Heiliger Mann Bär

A dull Spanish Bolo Bayonet from the 1950s Acquired from an antique store for an unknown reason at the time.
This subject is often on that first that attracts the heathen to the path the otherworldly of the unknown, that eventually brings them back to the root. They develop their own preference and rituals so to speak, the concern of actually conducting ritual is another matter. I have been to smaller Blots and other practice where it was entirely done their ancestral tough. I have no problem with this but for group practice with guest I do recommend the common language of the land. This way the party can understand the words being said and if needed referenced later for questions. The common language of the land or in this case in Vinland English should be used when your newly formed. If your group wants to proceed in a different language, then a group study would be highly recommended.  Your personal practice I would speak in your native tough this would help your ancestors possibly understand you better.
Thus, the ritual area becomes a classroom as it always should come to be. Your politics and worldly problems should be left behind, and once the area sanctified respect and a certain manner should be enacted. You’ll develop a routine as you progress and rites of your own at certain times of the year. A good example I can give you is what I personally call the dagger ritual, a ritual used to call the God Tyr (Tiw) and Forseti for legal purposes. It obvious why it’s called the dagger ritual but instead of the hammer a large blade is used for sanctifying the area. The blade in ancient times was seen as the ultimate tool just as the profession of law giver. A tool for leisure and learning, protection and working such is the living breathing community. Last time this was done the blade was dull and has know been sharpened to a razors edge to ensure future victory. It’s traditions like these that make you and your kindred, clan, or tribe unique.
Sharpened to a polished shine after a double victory in a legal matter.

A ritual may spread far and wide but well always modified when another uses the tradition to make it their own. It is encouraged to use the idea and share them, but if you something is that sacred that you do not want to be public then don’t use it in the public eye. Remembering that using this in the public eye you share the experience with guest. As they share the experience with you. This is the case with Hamingja and the fylgja, having someone with the bad intent well show. Take care with your vetting process for bad intent is present and can affect you for a long time.